gone with the wind

August 27, 2011

batten down the hatches!

durham’s pre-storm sky last night

to be honest, it hasn’t been bad here at all. it’s quite windy and definitely feels cozier indoors, but i just went into the hospital to round and the drive was much less scary than most thunderstorms are for me! i will be thinking of all of you farther north/east and hoping that your experiences are similar. sadly, i read there was at least one fatality and that many homes farther closer to the NC coast are without power — hopefully things will be fixed soon! can we call a moratorium on natural disasters?

[that was a rhetorical question]

yeah, so — the messy state of our apartment and my [fairly mild] nausea seems so insignificant compared to what some are bracing for today, so i’ll just leave it at at that.

this almost qualifies as cooking

y’all, i really haven’t cooked anything for weeks. it’s pretty sad. my reasons are:

a) i have 8,000 food aversions and nothing ever sounds good now. except pickles, sushi, crackers, and cheese. intermittently asian and indian foods also seem to make the cut.

b) i’m so #)(*@# tired that it’s hard to gear up for any seemingly ‘optional’ activity

really hope i can get it together, because our current habits aren’t sustainable for several reasons, but perhaps sometimes ‘semi-homemade’ is the answer.

especially if i can get josh to do most of the work. he did last night, adding lamb to some pre-made jyoti rogan josh sauce. we also cracked open a can of palak paneer and simmered that, and added naan. it wasn’t quite up to mint standards, but at approximately 15% of the cost, i can’t complain too much.

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