hitting the mark

August 14, 2011

yesterday’s goals: 100% met

of course, it certainly helps that i set the bar low. it was a lovely day, though, as lazy days go! there was a nap during a rainstorm [the best!!], plenty of trash tv [dance moms may be the most horrifying thing i’ve ever seen that is still entertaining], and . . . ice cream.

i have wanted to go to the parlour ice cream truck ever since i read about it on carpe durham. yesterday, josh and i braved the craziness that is a food truck rodeo so that i could get my hands on a precious cup. while these outdoor munching parties seem to be all the rage in our neighborhood, we aren’t totally into the [slightly bizarre!] scene. still: it was worth it.

smiling with my salted caramel cup outside of fullsteam brewrery

close-up of the gooey caramel awesomeness

i’m glad this cup was pretty small because by the end i felt like i was SUGARED OUT! their ice cream actually tasted sweeter than, say, ben & jerry’s. after 10 units of insulin, i felt fine, though [ha, kidding. but it might have helped].

we walked home past the old bull durham park:

. . . and were on the couch watching 127 hours by 8:30. perfect ending to a lazy day!


i will be doing everything i DIDN’T do yesterday, including a run, laundry, and regular weekend chores! it just hit me that this is a super-short work week [i’m headed to PHL on thursday for family + HLS fun].

other random weekend tidbits

✰ apparently, louboutin just lost their exclusive rights to the red sole! the most interesting thing in the article to me was learning that companies can actually copyright a COLOR [tiffany blue + veuve cliquot orange are two examples!]


winning $100 from BlogHer + Degree may not buy you a pair of louboutins, but it would at least get you closer 🙂 one more day to enter: here!

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