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August 22, 2011

by the numbers

essential items left in philadelphia: 1 — my laptop power cord. argh!


length of PHL –> RDU flight: theoretical? 1 hour of flying time. actual? 2.5 hours.

days until preview article first draft is due: 2. @#)*$@#!, i need to get to work!

it would have been a great schedule . . . had i followed it

foods that currently sound palatable to me: 0. of course i’m eating anyway, but it’s no fun anymore! blech.

workouts completed within the past week: 3 runs, plus 1 yoga session + some walking. honestly, i feel like i can do better.

hours of sleep yesterday [includes naps, sleeping on plane, and overnight]: probably 10.

level of bright-eyed-ness [of course that’s a word!] i feel this morning, on a scale of 1 – 10: 3

just slightly ahead of this guy

percent power left on laptop charger: 68%.

and with that, i’m off to conserve power + get my life together! happy monday!

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