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August 11, 2011

what happened?

somehow, despite an inspiring new cookbook and a shiny new kitchen [with more workspace than before!] — i’ve just lost my cooking mojo. lame excuses: it’s too hot; i’m too lazy; there are too many easy alternatives within walking distance. this is bad for two major reasons:

cost — it is so much more expensive to do take-out or eat at restaurants [even cheap ones!] than it is to cook! and yes, we’re doctors but you wouldn’t know that from our W-2s. [fellowship!]

my dinner last night, thanks to elmo’s

health — i believe that even seemingly innocent dishes are worse for you when they are eaten at a restaurant. ie: in that salad above, they used far more dressing than i would have used had i made it at home, and i am sure that the chicken had far more sodium [you know, in addition to the ketchup bath i gave it].

not to mention the fact that it probably wasn’t the free range, more humane chicken that i opt for when i go grocery shopping.

le sigh. i need to come up with some super-easy [and healthy!] meals to whip up on lazy nights that allow us to stay home and not eat an entire ocean’s worth of salt.

things we already probably eat too much of

pizza [especially the frozen kind]

pasta i don’t know whether to blame rachael ray or giada, but pasta dishes seem to have become the american fallback. don’t get me wrong — i am PRO-CARB and love a good spaghetti + meatballs once in a while, but i think we tend to rely on this easy standby too much as it is.

delicious martha meatballs, terrible picture!

a little help?

i would love your suggestions for super-easy weeknight dinners! what are your standards + fallbacks — other than the two blacklisted items pictured above? if you leave me ideas, i promise i will use them [and likely soon]!


josh takes his general surgery boards today!! feel free to leave good luck wishes with your recipe suggestions 🙂

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