you win some . . .

August 25, 2011

a mixed bag

thumbs up to finishing the first draft of the article i was seriously stressing about:

thumbs down to no longer having a good excuse to work from home.

excited to have decided to book the [short!] trip to LA 2 weekends from now

not too excited to have been woken up by a stealth bout of [very early] morning sickness that left me vomiting pure gastric acid at 4:30 am. [really REALLY hoping this is not a harbinger of what is to come.]

loving the entire missoni for target line!

i want!!

not at all loving the thought of being hit with a category 2.

come ON, irene . . .

because it is important to end on a positive note:

thrilled with my first TOMS purchase

comfortable AND sparkly!

8 1/2 weeks

because the progress pictures have to start somewhere . . .

nice face, SHU


not much action yet. but it’s coming . . .

i think i will do pictures every 3 weeks or so . . . we’ll see how things go! oh, and thanks for all of your feedback on yesterday’s pregnancy weight gain query; i am going to take your advice to heart and try not to worry about it — especially not at this point! it sounds like a lot of people don’t follow the ‘textbook’ pattern, and the truth is that every body [and every pregnancy] is different.