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September 20, 2011

as promised!
i did it!

and it wasn’t even that bad. i’m not aiming super-high — basically, it’s just two planned meals to cover the rest of the week [plus leftovers]. baby steps, right? and to think i once cooked through this whole volume!

maybe i should just do it again! josh wouldn’t complain . . .

workouts: a different tactic
while i do have goals, since becoming pregnant i have stopped planning my workouts in advance. honestly, i just never know when i am going to wake up and NEEEEED a rest day, and i don’t want my schedule making me feel guilty about it!

however, i’m still writing them down after the fact. here’s last week:

the recurring theme: yay cardio, struggling with the strength/yoga! i will keep at it . . .


diagonal lines sweater, $ ???
want this sweater? i do. even if i’d be unable to wear it in a short while. but unfortunately, it’s not for sale. my sister MADE IT [and she’s keeping it]. i am so impressed.

blogher ‘navbar’?
if you click through to read [rather than google reader], what do you think of the thin blue bar at the top of the screen? it does provide a slightly increased revenue [emphasis on “slight”] and becomes obtrusive only if you roll over it. what do you think — is it bothersome and annoying? if a bunch of you say so, i will definitely take it down!

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