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September 17, 2011

actually cooking regularly again i feel so ready to cook — and EAT! — home-cooked meals once again.

down with take-out!
♥ getting my hand-me-down box of maternity clothes from my generous sister-in-law and her best friend! it’s on its way . . . and the timing is good. i broke out the bella band [actually the knockoff target version] for clinic yesterday!

fairly subtle . . . i think?
i’m also looking forward to truly LOOKING like i need maternity clothes — ie, out of the ambiguous chunker stage.

cleaning the apartment today yes! i’m on call, and that is my absolute favorite time to stay home, hunker down, and clean the house. of course, i may have to go into the hospital as well [depending on what happens today — consult, admissions, and the like] but at this point i don’t anticipate anything that would take up the entire day.

i am especially excited about the kitchen inventory project. more on that to come . . .
faux fall actually, i don’t really need to look forward, because we’re having it today!

make mine a decaf [source]
i say faux because come on — this is NC. we’ll be back up into the 80s (or 90s) multiple times before november — and sometimes even then. not that i’m complaining! i think it’s just fine to put off winter for as LONG as possible.

♥ i’ll have to add drinking coffee again, come to think of it. i actually have not missed alcohol that much [i feel hung over as it is already!] but i DO miss my morning energy jolt.

the new TV season yay, all of my favorites start next week!

my NT scan [at 13 weeks]. from what i hear, the little flickering nubbin will actually look like a BABY by this point! admittedly, this is probably #1 on the list — just 9 more days of waiting! at least i have my borrowed home monitor in the meantime.

what are you looking forward to? just thinking about all of these good upcoming things makes me smile.

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