not that kind of labor

September 5, 2011

well, that was fun!

i essentially did nothing productive over the past 2 days. however, i did:

✔ take daily naps. and i’m not talking about a 30 minute doze-off. i mean NAPS.

✔ watch 7 episodes of the big C on showtime-on-demand

i like the concept of this show, and laura linney is great

✔ go to target to buy ‘cleaning supplies’ and wind up dropping $100

. . . just don’t assume i did anything crazy like actually clean with the aforementioned supplies.

this means that i have my work cut out for me today! however, i’d like to think i’ve built up enough rest that i’ll be able to be productive on this lovely extra weekend day.

here’s the [pretty ambitious] plan:

going to head out and run as soon as i finish this post!

odds ‘n’ ends

✰ i worked out 4 times again last week — again, 2 runs and 2 elliptical gym sessions. this week i really do want to add in some strength training and/or yoga! i can feel my muscles atrophying already [or will the extra growth hormone released in pregnancy keep them safe from breakdown!?]

✰ i think i am finally able to meal-plan! i still have some nausea [especially when i get hungry] but the aversions aren’t as powerful. in fact, I CAN EAT PEANUT BUTTER AGAIN, which is a beautiful thing.

✰ i updated the blog’s sidebar yesterday for the first time in forever, and turned the TTC tab into TTC/baby to add more to the story. today i’ll start adding current recipes back to the sidebar — not sure if anyone ever looks at this, but it’s fun for me to keep up [and sometimes helps when i forget where the week’s recipes came from!]

thank you for your lovely and supportive comments on yesterday’s post. i was actually worried that i would receive hate mail for worrying about something so petty in the grand scheme of things [especially after writing so much about the pain of TTC]. but i was being honest, and i really appreciate your kindness and understanding.

sometimes simple is best

whole wheat pasta. parmesan. olive oil. ricotta. snap peas. dinner.

worked for me!

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