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September 10, 2011

made it!
yesterday was . . . long. but it actually wasn’t too terribly taxing to fly to LA after work. i slept through most of our second leg [chicago –> los angeles] and spent the rest of my airtime eating sour patch kids [new obsession] and reading dooce‘s pregnancy/newborn memoir.

as i said, the flight was pretty decent!

photo by josh
the book, in my opinion, is meh.

so far, the things i have taken away from it are:

1) having a newborn is tiring and difficult but punctuated by bursts of incredible joy [i kind of gathered]

2) pregnancy comes with some sucky side effects. the most horrifying one to read about was the author’s personal experiences with hemorrhoids. now i have something new to be paranoid about!

3) hyperbole is fun once in a while but when it reigns over an entire volume [not hyperbolizing] IT CAN GET OLD. SO CAN CAPITAL LETTERS.

i don’t have much else to report! we had a nice refreshing sleep [yay!] at our hotel [which is great– more on that later] and a much-needed breakfast at 9 AM CA-time at le pain quotidien a short walk from our hotel.

you know i didn’t take this lovely shot . . . image from their website
one cherry scone + yogurt bowl later, i am one happy misplaced east-coaster. we are headed to venice beach to visit with an old friend in a few minutes and then we’ll just go where the day takes us!

here’s to hoping i make it past 6 pm!

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