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October 24, 2011

12 days of GO
looking at my calendar this morning, i’m feeling slightly intimidated. after enjoying the last three [three!] weekends off in a row, i’m on call this weekend. i have plenty to wrap up in lab this week since i won’t be returning until february, and then beginning november 1st i’ll be busy working ‘on service’ in the hospital.

just to clarify, this dual lab/clinical lifestyle is part of being a fellow — well, in many fellowships, anyway. in our pediatric endocrinology program, the first year is mostly clinical [about 75%] with the 2nd and 3rd years skewed in the research direction.

when on a ‘research’ month, i:

this 2009 picture is not authentic – it’s from my friend s‘s lab in CA!
[also i would never work for real without gloves!]

◼ spend most days in the lab away from the hospital
◼ have a fair amount of flexibility
◼ can typically go at my own pace
◼ work ~ 9 – 5 [plus every 3rd weekend, including overnights]
◼ attend clinic ~1 day/week and conferences on monday + tuesday afternoons
◼ do not cover the pager except when on call [ie, that 1/3 weekend]
◼ enjoy the ability to control my own day [although i didn’t always!]
◼ sometimes get frustrated because i feel like what i am doing is not in line with my ultimate goals

when on a ‘clinical’ month [otherwise known as on service], i:

good ol’ reliable big green orla
◼ sign onto the department pager at 8 am and can sign off at 5 [although i am not typically done with work at that point]
◼ am on full-time [ie, including overnight] call for 1-week blocks every 3rd week. ie: 177 hours straight on the pager. NEVER my favorite.
◼ round in the hospital daily
◼ have SOME control over schedule [ie, can decide to round earlier or later] but generally my day depends on what the pager gods decide to bestow upon me
◼ spend most of my time in the hospital
◼ still have clinic ~1 day/week [i’m excused from the pager in that case!] + attend conferences that i invariably get paged out of
◼ love feeling useful, helping patients, and learning things that will be directly applicable to me in my ‘real’ job someday. also, time generally speeds by because i’m busy!
◼ sometimes get frustrated because that pager just won’t leave me alone

so, i’ll be making this lovely transition soon, and i see busy times up ahead! but hopefully i can find ways to mitigate some of my anxious and reactive tendencies. more on that to come!

workout week in review

i probably could have lifted one more time, but . . . i’ll take it!



workout: tracey mallett ‘fit for pregnancy’ dvd. i feel rather silly doing this dvd [especially with josh watching] as parts are pretty . . . wimpy. but by the end, i am always sweaty and my arms and butt are slightly sore the next day. so it has to be worth something, right?

time-consuming risotto i should have paid more attention to the reviews on the cooking light site for this recipe. i’m not saying it was bad — it just took forever to make, led to wayyyy too many dirty dishes, and wasn’t all that exciting in the end.

the roasted brussels sprouts, however, were fantastic
the risotto was supposed to be the main event, but we had steak leftover from the angus barn the night prior which was NOT about to go to waste. i gave him most of it but snagged a sliver. IRON!

spanish + reading: again, i decided not to do these on weekends off — i think it’s the right decision! about to rock the rosetta stone now, though . . .

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