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October 25, 2011

cost blindness
the latest issue of real simple magazine has an article about the psychology of shopping — specifically, the little things that make us BUY, BUY, BUY. phenomena discussed include:

the rub-off effect: going shopping with a money-slinging friend can cause you to spend, too [i definitely fell for this one a few times in college. irresponsible group outings to the outlet mall = my kryptonite]

‘breaking the seal’: nothing seems worthy of buying, until you find that one thing . . . and then suddenly, you want everything. after all, if you spent $ on x and it didn’t kill you, why not keep going?

cashmere goggles: like beer goggles, only . . . you get it, right? anyway, this is when you look at things that are SO expensive that they make you lose all rational perspective on prices. let me demonstrate:

oooh, so pretty! and $645!
this is what a classy work bag looks like . . . if you have a salary that can afford its $575 tag, that is
ooh, even in blue! also a cool $575. maybe someday a sale?
last season’s diaper bag: $115, marked down from $230
now doesn’t that just look like a steal?

[ps: i think i’m going to buy it.]

splurge vs save
this also gets me to thinking about what is worth a splurge for me and what is not. looking back, i’ve dropped $150 on a dress for an event without a second thought [anthro, you own me] but have definitely balked at spending that on jeans. an interesting contrast, given that the jeans would probably have been worn approximately 923 times more often than that strapless frock.

i tend to splurge on
organic food
experiences: yoga classes, concert tickets, massages, etc
nice paper [what? i get huge happiness dividends!] + pens that are pleasing to write with
my hair [japanese straightening]. worth it!!!

i tend not to want to spend on
a lot of prepared foods
cafeteria meals
starbucks/coffee shops
fancy toiletries/makeup products
pricey furniture/home decor [we’re IKEA people]
jewelry and accessories

with clothes/accessories, i think i tend to lean towards quality over quantity. i do not have a ton of clothes. i have one purse that i use and it’s an old orla sale find! with maternity, things are a bit different because i’m not quite as concerned about things lasting forever, but i still think the wardrobe that i have built is more along the ‘minimal but nice’ lines.

where do you splurge . . . and where do you choose to save? i’ve been thinking about this more as our priorities will be shifting post-baby. it’s interesting, because i can’t even logically rationalize many of the choices up above, but they just seem ‘right’ to me.



workout: 3 miles in 29:30

le dinner: leftovers

espanol: check. and it’s getting harder — ahh!

endo: i read the beginning of the chapter on polyglandular disease. it was all immunology — YUCK! but at least that part is over.

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