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November 21, 2011

what i ate sunday
i have to admit i definitely eat healthier on weekdays — monday through thursday, really. i think many americans do — to the point where it’s almost part of the culture! the work week ends, and suddenly my fingers are itching to dial for takeout pizza. sunday = brunchy meals and/or a trip to LoYo. and ~ 21 weeks ago, there was also usually some wine or beer involved. [and yeah – i miss it!].

health and fitness magazines would probably say that this kind of weekend eating is ‘wrong’, but if so, i don’t really want to be right. it’s enjoyable, usually kept within reasonable limits, and i’m usually ready to get back to cooking by sunday night.

yesterday, i decided to document a day of typical weekend fare. here you go! a second-trimester sunday, in food form . . .

7 am: breakfast. the usual one.

sorry. i’m very boring in this realm. even on weekends!
[note: the espresso is decaf]

10 am: hydration + vitamin

2 chewables + water with a splash of OJ
12 pm: out to brunch with josh @ guglhupf

no makeup, sorry! but happy w/ decaf #2 + the tiny sugar cookie that came with it
omelette with mushroom, leeks, + grueyere, plus fruit
i didn’t eat the french bread — instead, i swapped it out for a piece of whole wheat raisin on this plate, and a slice of josh’s cheese:

cheese is still a favorite these days
3:30 pm: pre-yoga snack

slice of saturday’s baking project
[plus more water].

8:00 pm: dinner

butternut + spinach lasagna with a simple arugula salad
note: the lasagna is tasty, but took >2 hours from start to finish. only acceptable for a sunday night.

9:00 pm: dessert

whole foods brand pumpkin ice cream
i’m pretty sure i didn’t need this [and i’m hoping i won’t get my wrists slapped after my weigh-in at my OB appointment today!], but it was a lovely sweet ending.

do you tend towards more indulgent meals on the weekend, or is it pretty much the same as the rest of the week?



workouts: weekly rundown

cooking: the aforementioned labor-intensive lasagna.

spanish: i take weekends off! but diving in now . . .

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