25 weeks + fiji dreams

December 20, 2011

vacation envy
this morning, i awoke from a very vivid dream that josh and i had irresponsibly dropped everything [ie: took off of work without actual vacation!] to fly to fiji.

you know, just because.

the funny thing is that if i were not pregnant right now, we would be gearing up for a relaxing and luxurious week [or more] in hawaii in just a few weeks. when i was going through TTC-hell, i dangled this carrot as a consolation prize, thinking that at least i’d have SOMETHING to look forward to if things continued to go the way they were going [ie: not well]. we even booked our accomodations — the same beautiful B&B we stayed at during our honeymoon.

now i’m carrying at least 13 inches and 1.5 lbs of baby, have given up every last vacation day between now and when i get a real job, and have swept all of the would-be travel cash into the essential day care fund.

i’m not exactly feeling the urge to throw on a bikini these days, either
. . . and i am TOTALLY thrilled about it! i would much, much [MUCHH] rather have it this way.

but it’s still fun to dream about fiji. someday we will go!

25 weeks: official OB report
it’s so funny — i gear myself up for these appointments, and then they’re over in less than 20 minutes. at the practice i go to, it’s like this:

✔ leave urine sample. luckily, there’s never really a time i DON’T have to go these days!

✔ weight/BP [always slightly nerve-wracking. what can i say? is there ANYONE who enjoys this?!]

✔ go to exam room and wait [usually quick, but sometimes the longest part of the whole process]

✔ OB comes in and does measurement and doppler

✔ “any questions”? [i usually can’t think of anything legit to ask, really]

✔ the end.

they never ask me anything or address things like exercise or energy levels. i guess there just isn’t time and they assume i’d bring something up if i had a concern? anyway, it doesn’t leave me with much to report except the raw stats, which i have to assume are ‘fine’.

stats at 25 weeks
weight: i’m now up 14 rather substantial-feeling lbs. at yesterday’s visit, i was up just 2.6 lbs total over the past 4 weeks despite thanksgiving and ice cream and a ridiculously indulgent dinner saturday night. fine with me — it balances out the slightly larger gain from the previous 4 weeks. i feel like i’m eating a lot — kind of like marathon training but without the actual MARATHON TRAINING — but i think i’m finally starting to trust that my body knows what it’s doing.

BP: 126/76. i actually worry about this a little. my BP has been high-ish in the past [particularly on OCPs] so hopefully this is not the start of an upward trend. the OB didn’t say anything about it, though.

doppler: little girl was beating away in the 150s as usual, and then gave the wand a swift kick for good measure.

fundal height: large and in charge — i measured at 27.5 cm [the measurement in cm is supposed to approximate gestational age]! i KNEW my uterus seemed kind of big. i was assured that i was just ‘on the upper end of normal’ but of course now i’m envisioning gestational diabetes and the lovely chore of pushing out a 10 lb baby.

i am definitely happy to be in the “viability” stage, but let me tell you as a pediatric resident who has spent time in the NICU, i’m not going to truly relax until i hit 30 weeks or so! still, signs are looking like there’s REALLY going to be a baby coming out of me in a few short months. things i am going to start doing . . .

★ making lists of things i think we’ll want/need [and probably do a registry]

★ reading some baby-related material! [the no cry sleep solution, etc]

★ ???? not sure how else to prepare! any thoughts?



workout: 30 minute power vinyasa yoga dvd. the bigger i get, the harder this gets! every squat and lunge i get into really makes me FEEL those 14 extra pounds. i can’t believe that chataurangas used to feel EASY to me [well, at least until i did 8 million of them dave farmar-style].

dinner: leftovers for all [including pizza for me]. easy. cheesy. done.

espanol: check! started unit 3. it’s getting harder!

endo: ehh, not really. i got home sort of late and only had time to spend a few minutes. but at least i tried.

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