i love lists

December 2, 2011

december goal: taking back the evenings
straight from the pages of the little blue notebook . . .

defining the goal
making sure it’s MICRO-style
the obligatory checklist
in writing?!
skeptics may wonder why i take time to write all of these things down, or why i gravitate towards cute little charts and checkboxes.

i may be crazy and a little bit on the compulsive side. but you know what? IT WORKS.

race training plans [back when i used to run for real. i’m sure this was a super-light week.]

massive and intimidating grant-writing checklists.

writing my first ‘real’ journal article while fighting the urge to dry-heave.

board prep.

learning spanish.

and at the ripe old age of 31, i really don’t mind if some people might think i’m ridiculous. i will stand by my checklists + notebooks with pride!

happy december! anyone else have a goal for the month?



workout: 31 min run, 3.03 mi [10:17/mi ave] in 30-degree temps. probably the coldest run of the season so far, but it definitely wasn’t bad.

puttanesca . . . or whatever
this recipe was kind of blah. it probably didn’t help that i subbed sardines for anchovies [they were out at the store].

whole grain spaghetti with broccoli, olives, sardines, tomatoes, and parmesan
see, it doesn’t even sound that good. and then, i accidentally [really – it WAS an accident] left it out overnight rendering several servings of leftovers unsuitable for consumption. ahh well, at least it wasn’t something i loved in the first place!

spanish: si.

reading: more hyperglycemia/hyperinsulinism. i finally understand GLUD1 mutations.

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