winter break

December 26, 2011

so i’m NOT on vacation this week by any stretch of the imagination — i’m actually still on call until friday at 5 pm [then i do get 3 days off! yay!]. but i’ve decided to make things easier on myself and sort of just take some extra time to rest this week.

my alarm will be set a little later, and i am going to take a break from spanish and non-essential work responsibilities [reading, various projects]. i am going to delve into 1Q84 and look for more movies to watch. i am still going to work out, but i’d do that on a normal vacation anyway!

and yes, i’m still going to post — i have RESOLUTIONS to write about, after all!

catching up from your christmas festivities?

effortless living
xmas traditions

switching gears: 2011 playlist
my 2011 in music form:

i realize these songs are not even all from 2011 [most are, though]. these songs were just my personal soundtrack for the year. i can’t tell you how many times i teared up in the car while listening to arcade fire:

So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I’m still young
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before this damage is done

But if it’s too much to ask, it’s too much to ask
Then send me a son

— “the suburbs”, the suburbs

do you have a 2011 playlist?
i now regret not making playlists annually! i’d love to hear what 2003 sounded like right now. or 1987 . . . probably would lead off with this:


workouts: pregnancy week 25

still running. still definitely getting slower. still totally happy just to be out there!

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