another journey begins

January 31, 2012

made it
it was a harrowing trip, but we’re back in durham! yesterday’s trip involved:

◼ handling of luggage/passengers in tow, including 2 checked bags, 2 bulky carry-ons, 1 pair of crutches, 1 uncomfortable husband, and 1 31-week gestation
◼ 2 hour drive from vail to denver. luckily there was almost no snow/ice on the roads!
◼ first-ever foray through airport security as a wheelchair passenger and his +1
◼ unanticipated 2 hour delay before actually leaving denver [maintenance issue = instills lots of confidence . . .]
◼ 3.5 hours in the sky from denver –> charlotte
◼ q3-4 hour pain meds and lovenox for the patient
◼ 1 missed connection [due to the delay below]
◼ several helpful airport employees and several NOT so helpful ones . . .
◼ a 27-minute flight from charlotte –> durham
◼ 1 harrowing journey with luggage from the baggage claim to the car
◼ 15 minute ride home

we began packing at 5:30 am [well, to be fair, it was mountain time] and arrived home at 10 pm EST. currently, the patient is resting comfortably, and i am under just a little bit of stress.

or to be honest, really it’s more than a little. my to-do list has reached epic proportions, and i feel like i am falling short on rest and self-care. i realize that pregnancy is not a medical condition, but at this size it’s just not quite as effortless. i was at the point where i was going to really enjoy getting some more help [around the house, etc], and now the tables have turned completely.

from last week – i feel like i’ve grown significantly since this pic already
however, it is what it is. and i do have perspective — while i have bouts of feeling sorry for myself [yes, in addition to my husband], i realize that things could have been MUCH worse. we are lucky this happened now rather than later. we are lucky this was a LEG injury and not involving the neck/back/head. we are lucky to have the financial abilities to recover from the incident without going into debt.

therefore, i am going to try as hard as i can to to:

a) suck it up and be strong


b) take care of myself AND josh right now.

after all, it can’t be any harder than being pregnant with other kids at home, right? especially if the kids got sick? with contagious [and messy] gastroenteritis?

several items blurred to protect the innocent
it’s intimidating, but i refused to get psyched out by my own list!

i will take things one day at a time – what i can get done, i’ll get done.

i will take time for me — which includes working out, sleeping enough, and the preparation of healthy meals.

i will prioritize and let some tasks go until later.

i will ask for help!

off to start the day
with as much calm and normalcy as i can muster. here goes nothing . . .

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