bending the days

January 16, 2012

being here now
lounging by the pool with a book and savoring every peaceful moment.
[i LOVE this book so far, by the way. i am 1/3 through its 925 pages.]

time warp
right now, normal routines seem much farther away than they truly are. i love this passage i read today:

Tengo knew that time could become deformed as it moved forward. Time itself was uniform in composition, but once consumed, it took on a deformed shape. One period of time might be terribly heavy and long, while another could be light and short. Occasionally the order of things could be reversed, and in the worst cases order itself could vanish completely. Sometimes things that should not be there at all might be added onto time. By adjusting time this way to suit their own purposes, people probably adjusted the meaning of their existences. In other words, by adding such operations to time, they were able — but just barely — to preserve their own sanity. Surely, if a person had to accept the time through which he had just passed uniformly in the given order, his nerves could not bear the strain. Such a life, Tengo felt, would be sheer torture.

–Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Food for thought on a luscious day off.

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