a good year so far

January 2, 2012

expectations may go . . . but lists will stay
because personally, i find it far easier to truly let go when the laundry is done, fridge is full, and i know i’m on top of all of the little loose ends life has to offer.

i think the key to lists like these is flexibility. knowing that it’s okay if not every item gets checked off. realizing that if something fun comes up [yesterday: an impromptu elmo’s brunch with friends] that it’s a bonus, not a hindrance to so-called ‘productivity’. but putting things down truly gets them out of my head so that the rest of life can be enjoyed to the fullest. and in spite of [or perhaps because of?] the few loads of laundry that got done yesterday, i would call this a fantastic weekend thus far.

plus, today’s list is looking pretty sweet.

sunday highlights
other than laundry . . .

✰ the gym all to myself on 1/1! who would have thought!? [behind me is the cardio area, unpictured . . . and also completely empty.]

✰ making a list of baby stuff we want to get [i refuse to say ‘need’ because really, no one needs a pottery barn crib or a baby bjorn]:

✰ prenatal yoga + a failed attempt at fro-yo with my lovely friend sue [loYo was closed!]

✰ entering the 3rd trimester! [well, according to one method of calculation, anyway]

✰ delving into this book rather than wandering the internet:

liking it so far! reading this extremely heavy volume [physically heavy], i can now imagine the utility of a kindle. but i still love turning real pages . . .

all right, off to get ready for today’s MASSAGE! and this time, josh is getting one, too. happy new year observed!



they were out of black-eyed peas
everyone seems to have jumped on the black-eyed pea bandwagon this year, so i had to sub butter beans in this stew. it wasn’t the most exciting burst of flavors, but it was extremely healthy and a nice change from the typical side salad.

we served it with the last of our leftover pizza!

grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives, and pesto from the pizzeria – right in our apartment complex

workouts at the end of the 2nd tri:

one last list for this post!

running is still going surprisingly well — i’ll write more about this in a later post.

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