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January 29, 2012

just an update


yes, this is the actual x-ray
also, it’s his left leg, not his right like i initially thought! [so now he’s broken BOTH fibulas. impressive!]


4 screws. 1 long rod. a ~2 hour surgery. lots of pain meds.
and the hospital bill ONLY came to $34,000! [THANK GOODNESS FOR INSURANCE!!]

one recovering ex-skier!

don’t worry, the oxygen came off as soon as we got there
we were actually allowed to be discharged yesterday because josh passed his physical therapy “test” of starting to maneuver around on crutches. however, he is definitely not ready for major trekking around just yet.

we have our hotel room set up like a mini-recovery ward, and we’ll be headed back to NC tomorrow morning. the journey to the airport –> onto the plane –> onto another plane –> to the parking garage –> to our apartment is going to be a bit challenging as you might imagine, but i am sure we will have plenty of help.

it’s very pretty here, but the 8,000-foot altitude has been a bit of a challenge. with mild pregnancy-induced anemia and reduced lung capacity, i’m finding myself breathless at times, and sleeping was very hard [i seem to be much more comfortable when upright — getting that uterus weight AWAY from the lungs]. however, it’s definitely doable and i’m confident that the magic of fetal hemoglobin physiology will keep baby girl nice and oxygenated.

this graph is such a med school favorite!
on the docket for today
✔ movies! we have moneyball and 50/50 for today

✔ pain med management

✔ getting arrangements set for tomorrow

✔ take-out

✔ admiring the view:

i hope everyone is having a good weekend . . . or at least making the best of it, even if it wasn’t quite as expected.

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