February 27, 2012

maybe i am
i didn’t exactly get on my hands and knees scrubbing this weekend, but i did feel awash with a sense of frenetic purposefulness. i wanted things clean! put away! organized! DONE! and while that isn’t really all that difference from the status quo, i probably looked like a crazy person flitting around my apartment with a giant bump.

the nursery still isn’t ‘done’ and will never reach apartment therapy levels of cool or martha-approved organization. but i feel sort of like a squirrel getting ready for winter. i actually have a lot of energy [who would have thought?] and want to make the most of my time.

perhaps my dear friend siobhan [who commented yesterday] is right: i’ve hit nesting mode. except instead of crazy cleaning escapades, i am perfectly happy to let someone help me with that for now [best. decision. ever.]. instead, i just want to tie up every loose end i can think of — at work and at home. pretty much across the board.

apparently, nesting has also caused me to go a LITTLE crazy with online shopping.

hopefully i won’t regret this
saturday i practically bought out amazon, and yesterday i hit bravado, as i’d had several friends recommend their products.

i was thinking about waiting until after my milk was in for sizing purposes, but my own underwire was hurting me all day yesterday and i decided perhaps the matter was somewhat more urgent. plus, what was i going to do in the interim while i waited for these babies to arrive? so i bit the bullet and ordered [get it DONE, right?]. the sizing on the bravado bras is actually pretty lax [ie, a wide range for each size because the bras stretch/mold to you] so i think i was able to make a pretty good educated guess. and if all else fails, there’s the return policy . . .

edible nesting
one thing i haven’t yet done is to make meals for the freezer — i really need to get on that! but i have been more interested in cooking and having homey meals . . . at home. on a whim, i bought an issue of eating well mag at the store the other day [nesting = impulse buying for me, apparently]. looking through it this weekend, i was pretty impressed at the number of easy and healthy recipes in the march/april issue.

i ended up planning eating well recipes for the whole week, and last night’s choice was their quick chicken cacciatore.

the delicious sauce included mushrooms, onion, roasted peppers, tomatoes, olives, and rosemary
so comforting and perfect for a sunday night — with plenty of nutrition, too. i would definitely recommend this recipe! i served with one of my latest shortcuts:

seeds of change tigris 7 whole grain blend
these little pouches are rather expensive for what you get [josh and i always finish a whole pouch as a side for one meal] and i wish they were a LITTLE bit less salty. but MAN are they easy!! i guess a real nester would have put a pot of dried grains on the stove to simmer for hours, but i was busy rounding in the AM. need to compromise somewhere . . .

last week’s workouts: week 34

a slow start, but then i think the energy burst hit. definitely taking a rest today though!

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