call weekend: take 2

March 3, 2012

back to back
i can’t remember the last time i’ve had to work two weekends in a row. luckily, the second one always feels more manageable than the first — there’s a light at the end of this tunnel! plus, as i’ve mentioned before, the pediatric endocrine version of call is annoying but not that bad. while there will invariably be overnight pages [last night = just one at 1 am], i don’t have to spend full days or nights in the hospital and i can typically get other things done and enjoy at least some of my time.

on call weekend days [see last saturday], i am particularly attached to my lists. i think it’s because they serve as tangible PROOF that i still get to do fun things / generally live my life while chained to the pager. and that is why i predict that my lists will not go to the wayside post-baby, either. even though i realize i’ll have to significantly streamline [one load of laundry between feedings = success!?] i can’t imagine abandoning the practice altogether.

last night while on page
i managed to cook an easy, healthy dinner: #4 this week from eating well! my only modification was that i used fresh kale [that i pre-sautéed and then food processed just a bit] instead of the frozen spinach in this recipe.

i bought a GIANT bag of kale last week and i cannot let it beat me
josh and i agreed that the substitution worked beautifully — in fact, i think the kale was greener and lent more texture than frozen spinach would have. this dish was not gourmet, but it came together quickly and was blissfully inexpensive [4 eggs, some brown rice, cheese, kale, onions, garlic, DONE]. if you find yourself with a pile of greens that are begging to be used up, this would be a great option. if you are a savory breakfast-eater, it would work in that context as well; the eggs and cheese lend a bit of a quiche flavor.

after dinner, we watched hugo — or half of it, because i can’t seem to stay awake past 9:30.

i am definitely into crashing early these days, but i don’t think i can complain too much if that’s my main symptom at almost 36 weeks! and to those of you who inquired as to whether yesterday’s missing post meant that i was in labor — well, now you know the answer is no. i suspect i’ve got a LONG way to go before that actually happens, but i promise that when it does i will try to drop a line here to let you all know 🙂

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