March 9, 2012

i’ll admit it:
it’s been a bit of a lazy week, and i feel bad about it. i have been working from home a lot of the time, and despite desperate attempts to get my head out of my uterus, it’s been rather rough going. i’m making some progress . . .

god i love checking things off
but two major items [poster prep + grant progress report!] remain to be completed. i have NOT been at my most efficient, and it’s not something i’m proud of! it’s also not my style. i have no desire to become a just-skating-by kind of person [or doctor] — pre- or post-baby. clearly, learning the balancing act will take some work, but there’s no time like the present to start working on these skills.

i’m hoping that having the next weekend TRULY and officially off will really help. it’s been 19 days, after all! [dear SHU: try to never take two call weekends in a row ever again. it does nothing for work ethic or morale. love, yourself.]

it’s tradition
while i wish i had gotten more done on my progress report yesterday, i don’t regret one minute of the time i got to spend with my dear friend siobhan visiting from CA. the two of us met a long time again [2005ish?] at a running group, and the rest was history. i wish i knew how many long-run miles we churned out together — it would be an impressive total.

not the greatest angle for this preggo chick . . . but it’s tradition!
she stayed with us overnight, and after a morning workout the two of us had breakfast at parker & otis. as always, we talked races, babies [she has an almost-3 year old now!], careers, family balance — and it was just like we hadn’t spent the past 3 years living on opposite coasts. i just wish she lived closer!

turning around the productivity spiral
today is essentially guaranteed to be a busy and focused one — in our fast-paced diabetes clinic, there’s no other way to survive! luckily, i really love clinic, and today i’m especially glad for the change of pace and break from research-based tasks.

the only thing that is getting frustrating about clinic [especially since they’re always on friday!]: i’m quickly running out of appropriate work attire! i think i’ve worn the same maternity dress to the last few. while the patients don’t know [since it’s a different crowd each time], my coworkers are probably wondering exactly how many outfits i have left in rotation [um, about 5]. but i’m not shopping now! i’d rather fantasize about what i’d like to wear once my body returns to [some version of] normal.

espejoa mini-dress. for when my waist exists again . . .
[don’t worry, i realize this could take a while! but it’s still fun to think about.]

the taste of tomorrow
i’ve been whipping up REALLY easy basic meals lately — i called this one deconstructed taco bowl.

basically, it’s brown rice and kidney beans thrown together with sautéed peppers and onions, plus avocado and salsa. cumin, salt, and pepper contributed some extra flavor, and cheddar tortilla chips added some fun [although maybe not enough fun for josh, who i think was disappointed about the lack of meat and cheese].

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