first run back / treadmill talk

April 24, 2012

good morning!
record-breaking sleep stretch last night [5 hrs 16 minutes!] –> happy mom + baby this morning! amazing. i feel so lucky this morning.

actually scratch that, i feel so lucky ALL OF THE TIME these days.

i’m not going to pretend every moment is 100% easy, but when things get more challenging i am still able to take a step back and realize how beautifully things are working out.

and how incredibly fleeting this phase is!

baby feet are the best

we are continuing to figure things out
and admittedly it didn’t take me long to figure out that i really, really wanted a treadmill.  and since i’m a total satisficer, it took me very little time to make the decision to buy one.
josh and i decided to just bite the bullet and bring annabel to the local showroom — and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as i expected [she essentially slept the whole time in her car seat].  i tried several models and ended up going with the true m50, for several reasons:
1) high rating of TRUE treadmills on consumer reports [different model, but still gave me confidence in the brand]
2) good reputation online [runner’s world forums, etc]
3) my in-laws have a TRUE that has held up very well, and i’ve run on it and liked it
4) made in america with a good reputation for quality
5) felt good when i tested it in the store yesterday
6) small footprint to not completely take over our apartment
7) reasonable price point — not cheap, but not more than we were planning to spend [i wasn’t willing to skimp too much on this purchase, as i believe in cases like this you are likely to get what you pay for!]
delivery is set for next week!  i know i will love the freedom of being able to run at home while annabel sleeps.  luckily, i’ve never minded treadmills in general — in fact, i may have logged more ‘mill miles in my lifetime than real ones [though it’s probably close].  
speaking of running . . .
i ended up emailing the OB who delivered annabel with my running question and received this response:
“It’s good to hear that you are feeling up to running again.  You can start exercising again if you would like.  We usually recommend starting off easy and gradually working back up to what you were doing before pregnancy by 6wks.”

since i ran throughout the pregnancy [albeit much slower + with walk breaks!] i took this to mean that i could resume, as long as i paid close attention to my body’s signals.  with that official blessing, i headed out for my first jaunt yesterday, taking advantage of the fact that josh had the day off [he is headed into a stretch of something like 26 straight days of work].

it was interesting:  i felt incredibly light and speedy to begin with, but that feeling faded about a mile in.  overall, though, i think things went really well!  i ended up running about 20 minutes to start with, then taking a 5 minute break to walk, and finishing with a slower run the rest of the way home — ~3 miles or so total in 34 minutes.  
i’m really happy to be back out there and so far there have been no ill effects [bleeding, pain, etc].  i’m looking forward to planning a gradual comeback — more details on that later!
is still happening — though i’m really focusing on easy dishes and embracing LEFTOVERS.  i made this on saturday:
cooking light’s tex mex rice bowl
and then this on sunday:

both provided ample leftovers for lunches and then last night’s dinner.  things are going to get a bit more challenging when josh starts getting home later [i’ve been able to cook while he takes annabel in the evenings after work] but i will continue to learn strategies as i go!
grunts + whimpers
hmm, starting to hear some coming out of the room where a. is napping — we’ll see if they amount to anything!  thank you all so much for letting me know i’m not the only one with a noisy baby . . . 
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