May 8, 2012

don’t get me wrong
on the whole, things are still good — very good. even if i feel tired occasionally, all it takes is one glance at this little image to remind myself we are lucky. after all, see all that solid blue stuff on either side? for a 1-month old, annabel is a great nighttime sleeper, all things considered.

still thoroughly obsessed with the baby connect app

but on sunday, i have to admit that i was still ready to tear my hair out on several occasions. approximately 15 failed naps [ie: clearly tired baby who will NOT settle despite multiple attempts to put her down], many crying spells, and what felt like 8 million feeding sessions which did not seem to be going well left me feeling dejected and defeated. after all, if my only purpose right now is to feed my baby and keep her happy, what’s going on if i can’t do those things?

it’s not a good feeling. combine that with feeling like a frump, crazy postpartum hormones, a husband who had to work all weekend, and not having time to work out [because it’s hard to do when naps fail to last longer than 20 minutes!] and it’s a recipe for a grumpy mom + a bad day.

i’m not sure whether it was just because it was another day, but yesterday went so much better. it seems sort of silly but one thing that i did that really seemed to help was to put music on in the apartment!


sleep station for the win!

i’m not sure whether this worked because it relaxed her — or because it relaxed me. every time she got tired, i put on the sleep station and started to rock her, and eventually she would melt into my arms and fall asleep.


rested baby = happy baby + more sleep for mom = happy mom!

 the other thing that i did was to troubleshoot some feeding issues that we were having. she was starting to get very frustrated at the breast just a few swallows into each feed, and would stop feeding effectively. though she continued making plenty of wet/dirty diapers, it seemed like she was never satiated.

 after some reading, i concluded that annabel might have been getting fussy at the breast due to slow letdown on my part [related to nipple confusion from her nightly bottle? i’ll never know . . .]. after reading some of the online suggestions, i’ve started doing some breast compression/massage while she feeds, and she seems to be doing much better without the frantic mid-feed freakout — and she is no longer acting hungry 30 minutes after a feed. hopefully i won’t have to do this forever, but i will if i have to!

2 sleep questions for you . . .

1. when did you transition from bassinet –> crib [in the nursery]? 

we attempted this for one night, but it didn’t go well and i’m thinking of waiting until 6 weeks to try again. of note, our apartment is all one floor and the nursery is just one room over with no real sound barrier [the walls don’t go to the high ceilings in our loft-like space].

wearing my brest friend. so fashionable . . .

2. anyone else struggling with “putting the baby down drowsy but awake”? 

i really want to do this because a) i trust healthy sleep habits, happy child and b) it seems to make sense that it will teach her to soothe herself to sleep for naps — but often it doesn’t actually work. as in, she pops right back up again despite clear signs that she was tired. should i just keep trying?

[although as i write this, i had put her down drowsy-but-awake and heard lots of sounds — but i just checked on her and she’s asleep! victory? we’ll see!]

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