having it all

June 8, 2012

is unfortunately not possible.
i’m realizing that there’s not enough time or energy in this world to let me to really do everything i want to do.  or at least that there certainly won’t be when i add that little thing called work back into the mix.

because the thing is, my job [career, really] is important to me and i’m looking forward to getting my brain back to work during the day.  i’m excited to see my patients again [i have so many that i know and love now!] and i’m even ready for conferences and learning and all that nerdy stuff.  my hours will be relatively flexible, but my fellowship is still certainly a full-time endeavor.  and i’m nervous at how pumping will add to my time constraints at work.

but . .  .

i still want my fill of annabel time [and i’m used to quite a hefty portion at this point.]
i still want to run.
i still want to get something moderately healthy and fresh on the table most nights.
i still want to blog!  <– but realize that daily writing will not happen, most likely
i still want to watch the occasional episode of mad men on the couch snuggled up next to josh.

and ummm, i still want [need] to sleep.

since i’m currently starting to come to grips with the idea that leave WILL be ending in less than 3 weeks, i’ve been starting to think about how my days will run — particularly the mornings, which are tricky in that:

a) i’d like to try to fit in a workout ~3 weekdays [perhaps one short shred + 2 30-40 minute runs?]
b) annabel’s sleep schedule is still somewhat unpredictable
c) i don’t have a set time that i NEED to get to work, but i like to get to lab before 9.

UM.  thoughts?  ideas?  i have a few, but will save those for later discussion after i do some ‘trial run’ mornings!


workout:  5 x 800m @ 8:20 – 8:35/mi, 400m easy jogs in between each.  Total = something like 4.25 mi in 40 minutes.  honestly, i forget.  but the intervals felt good!

dinner:  leftovers

workout:  rest day

dinner:  looking for a fun and creative vegetarian dish?  this falafel-stuffed eggplant was a bit time-consuming [i wouldn’t make this on a work night . . .] but it was tasty.  it could be prepped in advance [on a sunday night, for example] and the baking could be done last minute, though!

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