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July 14, 2012
i was intrigued . . .
by bringing up bebe, so why not?

so far i seem to live against all of the rules that mireille guiliano provides.  i eat in front of the computer [or tv] quite frequently.  i make a lot of ‘one-dish’ meals.  i shop weekly [not daily].  i snack.  dinner is often consumed in a 10 minute window, and if i’m alone, it is as unceremonious as humanly possible.

the whir of the breast pump does sometimes provide a nice ambience, though.  HA.

i have to admit thus far i am least a little bit inspired to make my meals a little more pleasant, even if they are quick and not always the most exciting.

but no one is going to take away my snacks.

the afternoon nap is in full swing — off to lie on my bed and read more of the above.*

*  on my phone!  i downloaded the kindle edition, and i’ve never read a book online before.  i do like that there’s no need for a light, but the page turns are a little too frequent for my taste.  i would probably enjoy the experience more on an actual e-reader [or josh’s iPad].  but i’m not quite ready to truly make the switch.

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