saturday stuff

July 21, 2012

✔ rounds
✔ call nights x 2 [just one to go!]
✔ patient notes
✔ pumping x 1 [of 2]

to do:
❏ interval run
❏ lie on couch
❏ play with a.
❏ brunch out?
❏ answer pages + follow sodiums/blood sugars
❏ possible trip to bye bye baby

josh is home this weekend, and i have to say that a call weekend WITH his help is actually easier and much more fun than a non-call weekend when he’s at work the whole time.  i love my time with annabel so much but it is just so much more fun when i’m not doing everything alone.

a.  has come down with day care illness #2 [i wonder what # we’ll reach by the time the year is out!] and has this pitiful squeaky cry and another cough.  she’s still happy, though, and hasn’t had a fever . . . yet.  and lucky for us, she’s still [mostly] sleeping.

although i think her nap just ended!  more tomorrow . . . in the meantime, any toy/equipment recs for a 3-4 month old?  we’re thinking of getting her a bumbo since she looooves to sit up.

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