July 20, 2012

is it really only thursday already?

this is how i feel . . . 

i’m on call tonight — the first night with the pager since i last took call, 38 weeks pregnant.  i’ve really been trying not to let myself get overwhelmed by my hectic new lifestyle [one hour at a time, SHU!] but right now i just feel . . . worn.

too worn to cook an actual dinner.  so i’m currently feasting on cereal instead, which doesn’t sound that bad except that this variety is a granola with chocolate chips.

too worn to work out, even though jillian michaels is taunting from me from the dvd case [and she doesn’t have anything good to say about my chocolate-y dinner, either].

too worn to write a real post, even though i have lots of ideas

here’s to hoping that the pager stays quiet, annabel stays asleep [well, for several hours anyway . . .] and that all of the oats in this granola lead to a tremendous pump yield in the AM.

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