sleep status update

August 14, 2012

tomorrow morning’s post will be a huggies/blogher entry, so i wanted to just write a quick update on last night’s sleep hi-jinks.

it wasn’t terrible.  but it wasn’t great, either.

as i reported yesterday, miss a. managed to put herself to sleep with fairly minimal fuss last night [after at least an hour spent playing with her now-free feet and rolling onto each side at least a dozen times].  her first sleep stretch was fairly respectable – she made it from about 8:30 [we put her down at 7:15] to 11:30.

i figured that perhaps she was hungry, but then things got a bit uglier:  up again at 1:30 [josh soothed], 2:30 [i fed again], 4:30 [josh again], and finally for good at 6.  i am SO glad i waited until josh’s vacation week to even attempt this!

i think that tonight we’re going to try a halo sleep sack for more warmth.

i mean, wouldn’t YOU want to sleep in this!?
annabel had her 4 month pediatrician’s visit today [good timing!] and it was suggested that we attempt to let her cry [for 15-30 minutes] if she wakes up before 1 or 2 am.  i’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it, but often her cries are more ‘hey, listen to me!’ vocalizations rather than true ‘help meeeee!’ cries, so perhaps we’ll give it a shot.

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