thanks everyone

August 16, 2012

for your wisdom.  if anything, it really helps me to see that there is no one ‘right’ way — and i’m glad i’m not the only one that feels like i’m making things up as i go along.

i think we’re going to try letting a. get used to her new environment before we try any sort of sleep training tactic for now, but things may change in the future.  and i also think i’m going to spare you the details for a while unless i get reaaaaaaaaally frustrated and need to vent.  because i am pretty sure that a night-by-night recap of a’s every toss and turn would be THE most boring blog ever, and i want you all to keep reading!

we’re off to the beach this weekend — with plans that include a fake race, his and hers massages, and this awesome bathing suit:

they were out of all the girly colors . . . ahh well.
back with pics + hopefully happy tales of our first family adventure.  

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