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September 29, 2012

5K in the morning!!!
kind of nervous.  about the logistics, and about the race itself.  it’s been a while!

11 hours =
length of time a went without a meal overnight last night.  i can’t say she didn’t wake up for a quick paci replacement, but STILL.  i can almost TASTE that first full night of sleep!  again, it’s been a while . . .

the madewell dress:

[sorry, elevator shot from our date night on thurs].  

it’s actually less fitted and much longer than i imagined, and this was the smaller of the 2 sizes i ordered.  but i decided to keep it since it’s cute and definitely work-appropriate.

someone likes carrots
day care today:

omgggggg, what a little muffin.

big weekend up ahead —
visitors from miami on the way in the AM!  race report and more to follow . . .

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