operation streamline: week 2

November 12, 2012

last week’s efforts seem to have paid off.
things did feel less crazy by the end of the week, and if we hadn’t had the fall daylight savings time change, i might even feel rested.  unfortuantely, annabel now thinks 5AM is superhappyfuntime and i am struggling as a result — but i’m hoping [hoping?] she will someday, somehow get back on track.

i did about 2 days of time auditing, but then my wonderful college girlfriends came to visit and i forgot all about the project!  probably a good thing, as this past weekend really wasn’t a typical one.  i will plan on resuming monday and trying for a full week.

evening plans for this week: nov 12 – 18
[note:  my back is feeling MUCH better!  hoping it will remain pain free, but i am going to start really slowly this week.  if there is even a hint of discomfort i will walk instead of run, and of course if there’s pain with walking then i’ll just continue resting.]

[work meetings until 6 pm]
frozen amy’s pizza + tomato soup
30 min walk or run + 10 min abs/legs

chicken puttanesca + salad [quick clean eating mag recipe]
30 min walk or run + pushups

red lentil & pumpkin soup
while simmering:  ~25-30 min jillian michaels strength

no workout
ie, my planned night off

30-40 min walk or run
leftovers if there are any — if not, takeout

possible massage in afternoon [!!!!]
longer run [hopefully]
likely takeout

first stroller run attempt – will aim for 20 minutes
10 minutes abs/legs
cooking:  something TBD that will generate good leftovers — maybe chili?

 a few scenes from the weekend

put a bird on it [a gift that really was from portland . . .]

bundled up

a and miss emily

a and her [unofficial] aunt vickie
[AIMEE how did you escape my camera!?]

tonight’s dinner: lamb chops crusted in pistachios, fennel seeds, coconut, and spices + new potatoes + broccoli.  so good — and the potatoes + broccoli did double duty for baby purées.


in summary:  amazing friends, delicious food, a bit of shopping + relaxation, and a very sweet and happy baby girl who loved all the attention.

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