January 6, 2013

amidst all of the shiny new lists, goals, and aspirations
i am adding one more to rule them all.

i just don’t want to rush anymore.  the more i think about it, the more that it seems like a large proportion of the stress/frustration/ugliness in my life is due to trying to go too fast.

frantically trying to get a job done, and not always doing it as well as i’d like.

trying to cram in too many activities into the day and therefore not enjoying any of them.

feeling like i have to do X before Y and Z, even if there’s no logical reason [and chronically putting the seemingly  ‘urgent’ before ‘important’ as a result].

NOT appreciating the small moments that make up every day — and truly every week, month, year, and lifetime.

i do not believe that i have to throw my lists out to stop rushing.  i could be wrong about this, but i think it’s more of a matter of scale and flexibility.  most of the time, i enjoy making and following through on my plans.  i like having a basic framework for the day, and a training plan, and a grocery list.  in the lab, i crave a clear agenda for each work day.  but i think i need to change my thinking about deadlines and priorities and expectations.


2013 goals – 1 week in.  yes i’m already figuring some things out and refining my goals.  [and yes, i’m still flossing, omdg!]

9 month update and perhaps another day-in-the-life.

yet another baby sleep question for you all!  we’re SOOOO close to a great schedule except for one thing, and i’d love some advice.  details to follow.

january recipe list new feature – a monthly list of recipes from mags/websites that i’d like to try. mostly for me but may also be useful for some others looking for inspiration 🙂

studying methods for the peds endo boards.  working on making the most out of 15-30 min/day.

weekend so far:
annabel’s poppy [josh’s dad] was in town for the duke game last night [VICTORY!] and of course go in his time with miss a. as well.  she had a blast.

we even got really brave and brought her to an early dinner [with poppy] at our favorite durham restaurant, revolution.
she ate baby food and some fresh bread* and was so well-behaved it was ridiculous.  she was actually being so quiet that i thought she was getting sick, but she seems just fine today so maybe she was just mesmerized by all of the hustle and bustle of restaurant.
and BONUS:  strawberry meringue shortcake with lime curd for dessert — for the adults, anyway.
* i would have let her try much more, but much of what we ordered was fish/shellfish and she’s had a rash after fish in the past.  next time!

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