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June 4, 2013

first, a laundry list of updates:

1) evening routine — i am in a GROOVE right now.  basically, the nightly routine goes:

  • ~6:15p: dinner for annabel [tonight: spiced pork tenderloin, braised leeks, tomatoes, and bulgur wheat.  please let her stay this unpicky!!!!]
  • play, bath, read, sing, bed — she is down by 7p.
  • cook while drinking wine and listening to a podcast [tonight:  a rather painful segment on jillian michaels “endocrinology”.  i love her, but that’s in quotes for a reason.]
  • write post while waiting for josh to come home.  [currently, dinner is simmering and he just texted that he may be home in 30.  i can live with that, although 30 minutes tends to really mean 60+.]

i decided to take the plunge with fresh20 and am really enjoying the menus so far!  full review to follow once i’ve done more than a weeks’ worth.

the adult version

2) we [okay, i] ended up choosing a peg perego carseat.  portable but sturdy.  loved by its owners.  so far, a seems to be dealing with the transition well 🙂

3) it looks like josh and i will be headed on a little getaway — to montreal in august for osheaga!  
i had mentioned my mild disappointment at not being able to swing an island trip right now . . . and josh and i spent weeks wondering what we could do for a mini-vacation before we start our real jobs [and real lives] in miami.  we were browsing last night and came upon osheaga — a 3-day music festival in montreal — and decided we had to do it!  yes, we’re totally going to be the oldest ones there.  no, we totally don’t care!  
vampire weekend, head and the heart, alt-J, beck, phoenix, beach house!  miss a. will enjoy some quality time with her [newly local] g-parents and josh and i will go back in time a decade or so.  i really can’t wait.
planner review:  the erin condren 2012-2013 edition
let me preface this by saying i am NOT a planner novice.  although most of you probably know that about me already.  i really love paper planners and rely on my system a great deal to do . . .well, pretty much everything.  
i’ve used a number of exacompta/quo vadis planners and really love the brand.  i also have flirted with some exotic korean volumes, available only through eBay.  but last year, i took the plunge and tried out my first erin condren.  and while i was a bit skeptical at first, it ended up being the most functional and fun-to-use system i’ve had to date.  and i’m totally getting another one for next year [the new edition goes on sale tomorrow.]
a brief planner tour:

fully customizeable, i chose the ‘instagram’ design and put a cute family photo on the front.  while it probably isn’t the world’s most professional thing, it gives me joy every time i pull it out.  so, i’ll probably do something similar this year.

it has held up well through the past ~9 months of use.  and [trust me on this] i’m not a very careful person when it comes to protecting my belongings.  so that’s saying a lot.

birthday list
i didn’t really use this section.  but in retrospect, i’m thinking: wouldn’t this have made a great brief running log?  just mileage, speed, and any quick notes?  or race planning calendar, perhaps?

or maybe i will use it for bdays, but actually look at it regularly.  a decision to make for next year.

weekly layout
the weekly layout is one of my favorite things about these planners.  each day is divided into morning/day/night — however, you can use these sections however you see fit.  i ended up using the top section for scheduled events [ie: conference @ 2 pm], the middle section for lists, and the bottom for planning dinners and workouts.

sometimes i attach an extra list sheet if a day is particularly busy.  i keep this handy throughout the day and refer to it all the time.
monthly pages
wonderful 2-page spreads for planning call schedules [ugh] and vacations [yay!].  i also love the monthly goals/to-do sections — definitely helps me with prioritizing.

blank pages
the back is filled with plenty of paper for lists.  i keep track of things ranging from lab to-dos [although you can see there are still many more things to be done . . .]

to music i want to look into buying:

in the back are cute little stickers to mark various events.  i’m super excited that this years’ stickers are going to be customizable!  maybe i’ll use more of them . . . although a ‘call’ sticker would be pretty lame.

there is also an ample back pocket which has held up well and a zippered pouch filled with a few gift labels, which i used for various things throughout the year.  
i absolutely loved using this planner and am looking forward to designing my 2013-2014 edition.  however, if there is a downside it is that this planner is quite substantial.  i actually don’t mind carrying it around, but it’s not a ‘slip in your clutch’ kind of book.  secondly, the design is very colorful and feminine.  i enjoy this, but i can imagine that this is not everyone’s style.  
hope that was helpful for someone out there contemplating an EC purchase!  anyone else getting one for next year?
[just a quick note to clarify this is NOT in any way a compensated review.  EC does not know i exist.  i just really like my planner!]

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