i don’t like to use the word perfect, but . . .

October 27, 2013

this weekend pretty much is.
[and it’s not even over yet!].  and i’ve been sort of an emotional mess lately, so i really needed this.  hopefully more like it to come!

the elements:
both parents off from work.  this happens approximately 40% of the time , but feels much more rare.

daddy at swim class while mommy watched and papparazzi’d

★ annabel at an amazing and delightful age.  she is just so GOOD most of the time and so much fun.  also, she is napping like a dream:  2.75 hours yesterday and she’s an hour into today’s as i type this.

★ no one is sick.  amazing.  miraculous.  i am so grateful for this.

playground hijinks

★ the weather is perfect: miami beach ‘fall’, breezy lows of 70 and highs in the low 80s.  lots of sunshine.  this actually does feel pretty cool and beautiful to me after sticky august and september.

late october beach day? yes please.
annabel decided she was scared of the waves after getting splashed.
we’ll work on it.

★ josh and i are striking a good balance of together time and annabel time.  we had a triple date night last night at yardbird — LOVED IT, and had such a fun night!  also, spotted clinton kelly [of what not to wear fame] out several tables behind us, which was kind of awesome.

probably underdressed for the fashionable south beach crowd, 
but i feel like i have a good excuse

we also each enjoyed one morning to sleep in [i got today, he got yesterday].  this system is freaking GLORIOUS and although it won’t happen on the weekends that josh is on call, i want to do it whenever possible.  in fact, i enjoyed BOTH days — letting josh sleep and having annabel time on saturday made me feel good, and sleeping in and eating a peaceful breakfast was pretty much heaven this morning.

★ no longer spending the weekend doing a million chores.  i feel so ridiculously lucky to be able to have outsourced some of the things that used to make every weekend feel like a race to the finish line.

off to shower and then get a liiiiiiitle bit of studying in so that i can feel like i accomplished something productive.

other random tidbits:
– just in case anyone else is obsessed with mini boden, i discovered randomly that they are having a sale online today.  stocked up on a few basics for now and later.  their clothes fit a. well [they run big in key areas 🙂 ] and i love the style.

 – got another sneak peak at baby brother on friday and thought this pic was sort of awesome:

waving hello . . . or trying to escape?
we’ll go with the former.

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