pregnancy update: threshold of viability!

October 25, 2013
HOWWWW many weeks?

i look at this picture and see a chick looking good for 30 weeks pregnant.  unfortunately, i’m only 23.

maybe it’s partially the angle, as josh apparently took the photo at HIS height, maximizing my head [and bump] size and minimizing already pygmy-esque legs.  no matter.  you all can see:  this baby is huge.

and i’m feeling it.
i remember feeling pretty sprightly last time until week 30 or so.  this time, not so much.  annabel already seems confused about why my lap is shrinking, and floor time becomes terribly uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so.

the good news:  i’m still sleeping great, on my side with 2 pillows [tried and true method from last time].    i also have no nausea or cravings, and am eating normally [though starting to have some early satiety sometimes, which was pretty significant in my 3rd tri last time around].  i’m still running, except . . .

the bad news:  i seem to have jacked up my achilles tendon a bit.  apparently the extra 13 [+?] lbs i am currently carrying are not so easy on my delicate flower ankles, and i stupidly kept continued a treadmill run on wednesday morning when i SO should have quit 5 minutes in.  someday — someday — i hope i will learn not to run through pain.  hoping to make a comeback next week.   loved running [in some form, anyway] until 40 weeks last time and i had every intention of doing it again, but if i can’t, i’ll survive.

other lameness:
     – being ridiculously emotional
     – not being able to straighten my hair, which is getting OUT OF HAND

that’s about it.

nesting instincts
i haven’t even really started thinking about stocking up on ‘boy stuff’ yet, but i’m sure i eventually will.  the only thing i’d like to figure out at some point is a double stroller.  any recs for a tandem double?  i do also want a double bob eventually, but since running with a newborn can’t happen for ~8 months or so, there’s no rush on that.

everything else we already HAVE.  and it seems like just a few months ago that i was whipping out my brest friend pillow [thankfully gender-neutral] and the ol’ rock ‘n’ play.  i’m feeling pretty calm about the baby — what i’m really worried about is how miss annabel is going to handle the devastation disruption exciting changes up ahead.

she does seem pretty resilient though 🙂
[yes, that dress is super short but there are bloomer shorts underneath.  it’s about to be retired sadly!]

annabel lately – at 18.5 months  . . . .
✰ still loves books and reading.
✰ still eats everything — she apparently hasn’t gotten the ‘picky toddler’ memo.
✰ is starting to identify colors!  although her default is ‘boooo’ [blue]
✰ is easy and cooperative.  EXCEPT if you try to brush her teeth!! omgggg.
✰ combines two words, but usually only after we say them first.  “more please” “big puppy”
✰ answers the question, “what’s your name?” with “a-bellll.”
✰ randomly adds “s” to things, whether plural is appropriate or not. “bananas.” “puppies.” “daddys!”
✰ running and climbing like a champ; does down dog on command
✰ 32.25″ tall and 29 lbs.  yes, 29!