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October 31, 2013

1) i am feeling very tired and stressed out all of the sudden.  probably because i am on call and also because the boards are in 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  )$@*@#!  i should be motivated to study more, but instead i’m just panicking and wishing they were over already.  and tonight, avoiding it all by writing this post.  hi!

2) on that note, i need some nice fiction to escape with at night [you know, after studying].  recs for anything?  i need something that is well-written and engaging, but not too taxing.

3) listened to this freakonomics podcast on parenting in while running this morning.  fascinating!  the short version:  all of these economists can’t find any data to back up the benefits of ‘high-intensity’ parenting, but most of them do it anyway.

4) why yes, still running [see above].  but SLOOOOWLY.  think 12 minute miles.  my achilles is much better but not perfect.  as of now, i replaced my shoes and will plan on avoiding back to back days, with a STOP if any actual pain re-emerges.  on a related note, i can’t help but plot my eventual return to racing — because i WILL train and run my version of fast again! — but i don’t think i’ll be in as much of a hurry as i was last time.  [not that i did anything extreme, but attempted to ‘race’ a half when annabel was about 6 months.  also, OMGGGG she is cute in those pics!].

5) tomorrow is halloween!  i felt slightly conflicted about buying candy [because of my job . . . ] but succumbed due to fond childhood memories and the fact that i ate plenty of fun sized butterfingers in my day and nothing terrible happened.  that said, i sampled too many mini-packs of peanut m&ms yesterday while at work and felt completely ill – the same kind of ill i had after my glucose tolerance test.  ugh, sugar.

6) feeling very un-mindful and scattered and NOT present a mere week after writing this post. must acknowledge to self that life will be a work in progress . . . until the very end.  and must refrain from thinking that buying overpriced stationery products will be the CURE to all distractions, even though this post made me want to buy a brand new notebook and start journaling, just because.

today’s post from zen habits was a useful reminder, even if good ol’ leo has started to annoy me lately.

7) i broke my phone’s screen [dropped it, careless, ugh!] and am waiting for my iphone 5s to arrive in the mail — luckily, i was overdue for an upgrade.  at the same time, i’m really feeling some love/hate towards the smartphone.  love the ability to text, to look things up on the fly, and the maps app.  love the camera and video capabilities, easily available at all times!  hate the distraction of it.  considering a digital detox [i’ve attempted these before, not always successfully . . . ] in november.

8) i miss wine.

9) unrelated photo:

i’m slightly jealous of a’s dress [although i think the collar might be a little young on me].

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