8:20 is the new 10:00

November 15, 2013

8:20 pm
and i’m ready to go to sleep.  despite writing out a list of posts i’m eager to get started on [my field notes came!!], i just don’t have the energy.  ahh well.  i really miss writing in the morning [with coffee!] but writing AND running before annabel gets up would require rising at an hour that is just undignified.

[although i could probably swing it if i ACTUALLY went to bed at 8:20 instead of just blogging about how tired i am.]

so instead, 
i’ll just direct you all to laura vanderkam‘s blog post today, which i thought was excellent.  count me in as someone else who doesn’t feel terribly maxed out or on the brink right now [although . . . you may want to ask me again after my due date].  the topic of stressed out women is getting old, but i still think talking about concrete, rational solutions to the [perhaps overhyped] problem is still worthwhile.

and finally
someone is obsessed with the SPONGE.  now this is a new behavior i can stand behind!

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