barefoot and

November 14, 2013
. . . yeah.
according to my iphone app, there are 99 days left in this pregnancy.  i’m guessing it will be my last [though one never knows!], so i’m trying not to go into countdown mode.  plus, i’m in no rush at this point; i have to admit i will very much miss sleeping through the night.*
currently: 26 weeks
craving: wine.  daytime naps [and this weekend THEY WILL HAPPEN].  oh, and shopping for non-maternity clothes. 
gain:  15 or 16 lbs so far.
excited about:  picking out some boy outfits!
anxious for: josh to commit to a name!  i have several that i really like, but the decision has to be mutual, you know?
not feeling it:  the whole nursery thing is not calling to me yet.  the room is a calm yellow, which i like, but i don’t feel like thinking of a ‘scheme’ and i don’t really want to invest in a 2nd crib.  thinking of getting a convertible crib/toddler bed for a. and then moving annabel’s crib to baby bro’s room.   or maybe we’ll just use a cosleeper until he’s 2.  [kidding.  although i didn’t have STAIRS to contend with when annabel was still nursing at night.  it might be harder to make that leap this time around.]
feeling it:  people are making ‘funny’ jokes about me going into labor.  i don’t think i look THAT huge, but i am not one of those people who can hide a pregnancy well.  whatever.
really feeling it:  running is just harder this time, and i have no idea why.  i plan to continue for now, but not sure i will make it to 40 weeks the way i did with a.  
so, that’s pretty much where we stand at 26 weeks!  

two more things:
1) BOARDS ARE OVER!!!  i won’t get the verdict for 3 months, but i’m just glad i won’t have studying [or . . . the guilt of NOT studying] hanging over my head every night.

2) annabel‘s new fave phrase: “don’ LIKE it.”**  at first it was cute.  then . . . well, let’s just hope she picks a new one soon.

* which i have been enjoying for almost a year now — when i am not thwarted by work-related calls or pregnancy-related bathroom trips.

** “t” of “don’t” left out on purpose, because that’s how it sounds