cold turkey

November 1, 2013

i want to vow to give up MANY things this month.  among them,

hormonal outbursts.

✩ sugar.  [okay, added sugar.  let’s not be ridiculous.  also, november includes thanksgiving so clearly pie of any kind would have to be exempt.]

✩ multitasking.

✩ hormonal outbursts. 

✩ reading snippets of blogs + facebook on my phone at random times.

✩ hormonal outbursts.  [yes, this deserves 3 mentions.  tonight was rough.]

however, i fear that a month might be too ambitious.  let’s start with a week!  i will report back.

in other news:
dear precious strawberry,

i am sorry that i was in no mood for halloween this evening and that i basically tantrum’d right back at you when you refused to sit in your stroller.

i am pretty sure you still had fun, especially once we got home and we put you in charge of handing out candy.  “nannnnny???” you asked our door-knocking guests, and the glee you demonstrated in giving treats to the kids in costumes was just beautiful.

next year, if we are lucky, both you AND your little brother will dress up, and maybe mommy and daddy will try not to both be on call.

i love you and you are delicious, both with costume and without.

~~ mama

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