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November 6, 2013
1.  daylight savings
how’s it going for you?  here, i can say it’s not great, but not terrible.  honestly, i preferred it the old way — driving home in the dark is lame.  annabel is slowly adjusting, i think.  it’s 5:42 AM and she’s currently still asleep, which is much improved from the prior 2 days.
on the up-side, on monday when she woke up at 4:59, i ended up taking her on a lovely morning stroller run.  the morning temps are finally cooling down [think: 70!], and i covered 2.81 miles in 31 minutes [11:03/mi].  despite the fact that other pregnant runners actually continue to run paces that amaze me, i’m actually sort of proud of this 🙂
snapped at a picturesque point on the run monday morning

2.  cooking
i realized yesterday that i went from preparing almost all of our meals to making almost NONE of them in the span of months.  and you know what?  letting go of this responsibility/set of tasks has been much easier than i thought it would be.
i am incredibly lucky that we have a cafeteria at work with food for all of the MDs in the hospital that actually has great food with plenty of healthy options.  my only gripe is the exclusivity — why can’t our NPs and social workers partake, not to mention the nursing staff!?  

monday’s lunch
maybe one of these days i’ll do one of those ‘what i ate’ posts as a throwback 🙂
3. feeding/eating
i just finished reading this book by ellyn satter and what i learned deserves its own post, but i just have to say: WOW.  it actually rocked my world, both as a parent and as a clinician who deals with a LOT of kids with eating/weight issues, [on both sides of the spectrum].  

4.  ignore our patio
[because it was supposed to have been redone already, but . . . well, you can imagine.]
i can’t believe how grown up she looks here!  also, sporting one of her new big-girl dresses in size 2T.  i love that the weather here allows me to snap up things like this on sale to wear all ‘winter’.

5.  goals from last post
– i haven’t had any added sugar [well, no obvious sources – i’m sure sauces/soups/etc could have had some] since posting on halloween, but i am pretty sure i am NOT going to last the month and i am okay with that.

– i have been ‘escaping’ to my phone to procrastinate much less, but . . . honestly, i’m finding it a nearly impossible habit to break, despite the broken screen [the new one has arrived!  but i’ve been too lazy to do the switch yet].  part of the issue is that i’m part of a few facebook conversations that i really enjoy, and sometimes i do find myself needing a break [at home, at work, etc] at times, and the phone is just right. there.  

okay, it’s 6:03 and she’s definitely up — i hear ‘a-bel, a-bel’ [her version of annabel] coming from her room.  happy wednesday!

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