November 26, 2013

i am thinking of putting together my own personal happiness project for 2014.
part of me feels silly, because obviously next year is going to be . . . well, busy.  but if there is one thing i am learning more every day, it’s that life just keeps going.  and in delaying hopes and dreams until some more ‘convenient’ time, one runs an ever-growing risk of simply running out of days.

step 1: a mind-dump of plans/hopes/dreams/aspiration.  in reality, i would never try to fit all of these into 2014.

missing: some smaller plans/hopes/dreams/aspirations that don’t require large swathes of time or money, but could change the shape of every day.  like sleeping enough, avoiding certain evil distractions, eating in a mindful way, and incorporating regular, purposeful acts of kindness into each day.  will have to come up with more of those 🙂

and in other news, the maple glazed sweet potatoes for a’s preschool thanksgiving celebration are cool.

i had to make them to prove to myself i can still cook – i think it’s been over a month!  martha never did me wrong before, so hopefully these will be a hit with adults and toddlers alike.  just hoping i can get home in time to come!!

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