weekend musings: 7 things i am thankful for

November 25, 2013

thanksgiving is almost here  . . . so why not!?

1) beautiful inspiring paper products.  holiday gift season has officially begun, and i decided that was as good an excuse as any to place my first order from kikki-k, an australian stationery company.  [you have to reach $150 for free international shipping, and thankfully i’m not crazy enough to do that only on myself.]

2) the ability to run.  in general, but especially now.

27.5 weeks — i think this qualifies as 3rd tri!

3 miles, doing an 8 minute run / 2 minute walk pattern
the achilles pain i had a few weeks ago is all gone, and this still feels good.  so thankful for every session.
3) welcoming and wonderful work friends.  we [josh and i] went out to a bday celebration with several friends from my office on saturday night, and i don’t think i’ve laughed that much in a LONG time.  SO happy to work with people who are nice and genuinely FUN to work with!
4) a very good girl.  a was wonderful all weekend.  no toddler meltdowns, and soooo much talking and smiling.  she’s into narrating everything: “daddy running.” “a-bel jumping.”  “mommy eating.”  my favorite is “a-bel tired.  night night.  shhhhhh!”

also i want her booties.

5) passing my glucose tolerance test!!  i failed the first round with annabel, but on friday i passed this one with flying colors [blood sugar of 77, 1 hr after 50g of nastiness – yeah!!].   makes the delicious slice of red velvet cake i had this evening taste even sweeter.

6) NOT having an exam to study for.  because even if i failed the board exam last week, i’ll remain blissfully unaware of that fact for at least another 2 months or so.  it’s SO incredibly nice not to have that hanging over my head.  next project is getting my fellowship research published, but i’m not even mentally ready to think about that yet.

7) a relatively quiet call weekend.  yes, i know that using the “Q” word is a death sentence in the superstitious world of medical professionals who take call.  however, even if tonight and tomorrow are terrible, i can [and should!] be thankful for a good weekend.  only 2 more days of call left in 2013 – tomorrow and december 31st!!

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