friday find: fiiiiield notes

December 7, 2013
friday = a space for finds!
fashion [someday again  . . . ]
so, just to follow up, i totally love the field notes colors subscription.  so far i’ve gotten 2 shipments and i can’t tell you how excited those package made me, both times.  i haven’t actually used too many of the notebooks yet, but i am using one right now and approve of:
a) the paper quality
b) the muted graph lines
c) the vintage-looking covers
just a few things i want to designate a notebook for:
music faves
running training plan! [once i’m back in action]
2014 wine journal 
things annabel says
vacations to take . . . someday
birth plan  [just kidding!]
ps: i think it’s pretty obvious, but this is not a sponsored post.  the end.

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