friday find: maternity wear that is even somewhat cute

December 14, 2013

i am soooooo sick of my maternity clothes.  i have about 5 work outfits that i am cycling, and have no intention of buying another scrap of stretchy fabric.

9.5 more work weeks.  i’ll just wear one tent-like dress every day at the end if i have to.

my maternity wardrobe was a mix of gap, pea-in-the-pod sale rack items, and one online retailer i didn’t know about last time: japanese weekend.  i only wish i had found them sooner, especially in order to plan ahead and ransack the sale rack.  the pieces i have from there have fit beautifully throughout pregnancy, drape so nicely, and come out looking work-ready straight from the wash.*

i might even try to get away with wearing this dress to an upcoming wedding:

i also have and wear this top weekly — at least.  
finally, i wear these ankle pencil pants [not ankle-length on me, but whatever] at least twice in every work week.
most of their items are made in the USA [in san francisco] and they have good stuff in their sale section, too.  i am SOOOOO looking forward to wearing real clothes again** but just in case anyone is expecting and wants a rec, definitely check this site out.
* the instructions say ‘dry flat’ but i just tumble dry low and everything comes out fine.
** like, a LOT!
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