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December 22, 2013

i was basically a SAHM today.  and night.
josh is in a very busy stretch* at work, and is on call now [. . and tomorrow . . . and christmas eve . . . and christmas.  but we DID enjoy thanksgiving together and are both off next weekend, so there’s that!].  i think he saw annabel for 10 minutes this morning; honestly, i don’t even really remember anymore.  what i do know is:

a) i did all of the parenting today


b) you SAHMs [especially those of you who have husbands that work LONG hours] amaze me.

annabel is at a very cute age, but not the easiest one.  at times, she makes my heart melt with beautiful hugs and kisses, and i just enjoyed the BEST hour-long reading session with her before bed — her focus and attention to detail amazes me, and she was just so snuggly.  but this morning, there was an equal length of time she spent screaming, and i couldn’t even tell you why.  i think it had to do with waiting approximately 5 minutes for me to make breakfast [ie, toast some frozen pancakes and spread peanut butter on them].  it lasted for quite some time and was absolutely no fun.

she was up at 6 this morning and after the breakfast meltdown i was honestly about to lose it:  the promise of an entire day of just me dealing with a strong-willed toddler seemed threatening and exhausting, especially given that am lugging her 32-week baby brother [and associated giant uterus, etc] along with me the whole way.  and at times it was.

but i am actually quite proud of myself.  because not only did we both survive, but i managed to stay quite calm [even during the AM tantrum, and when i found out the carseat wasn’t installed on the way to a playdate, and when a. cried for a solid 10 minutes after i put her down for a much-needed nap].  and i noticed myself relaxing and just accepting my role and my sweet girl and the chaos that will be coming in the future.

looking back on the past 14 hours, it really was a nice day.  the hours are long but the days are short, perhaps?

off to shower, read, and then bed [early!]; tomorrow will be . . . well, probably a lot like today.

* okay, i am pretty sure there will never be any un-busy stretches for him, but let’s just pretend that they’re coming.

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