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December 4, 2013

so.  it’s day #3 of my “more structured blogging” approach.  if you’re anything like me, you spend way too much time reading things online [topic for another time, i suppose].  i often come across things that i’d like to reflect on or share, but for me, words-on-a-screen are so fleeting.  i’m more likely already onto the next thing before i’ve given today’s thoughts due diligence.

in that spirit, i would like to make more of an effort to “collect” these virtual treasures.  what better way than to share some links each week?  

today, i will start with a more general link list: a few of my very favorite blogs right now.  i’ve been slowly culling my feedly list, ditching sites that i read just for spite [i know i’m not the only one . . .] and those that don’t bring me anything in terms of ideas, motivation, or intellectual stimulation.
some of these bloggers read [and comment!] here too. some are internet celebrities. and some i am lucky enough to know IRL. this is not an all-inclusive list, but these are all genuine favorites.

penelope loves lists
the happiness project
notes in a book
the art of simple

parenthood and work/family balance:
[fine, they are all moms.  but i would totally love to add some dad-blogs if there are any good ones!]
a joy renewed
fancy that . . . fancy this
mothers in medicine
emphasis added!
crappy pictures
carrots and sauce

100 days of real food
kath eats
a healthy slice of life

effortless anthropologie

running [and, oddly enough, all currently pregnant]
runner’s trials
cheaper than therapy
eat drink and run [shelby, please post again!]

so . . . [dangerous question] . . . what am i missing out on?

and because i can’t help myself . . .

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