note to self: go to bed

December 18, 2013

1) supposed to be working on making family photo calendars [a yearly tradition], but just . . . too . . . tired.  i need to remember that this means i should SLEEEEEEP, not go directly to facebook.

the design i’m planning on using, from minted

i am kind of excited about these, though.  they look more modern than the shutterfly ones i did previously.  and bonus: i learned in the recent alumni mag that the CEO of minted went to my alma mater [williams].

2) i just ate the most amazing dinner:  lentil dhal [guyanese-style], curried chickpeas, spinach, rice, and indian-spiced PUMPKIN.  all creations of our wonderful nanny, g.  sorry, no evidence; i will take a pic tomorrow when we eat the leftovers!  i am already looking forward to them.

3) this almost makes up for an overall lame day.  some minor frustrations/self-esteem hits at work, plus a. has a cold and a reaaaaaaaally pitiful looking diaper rash.  [started on nystatin cream tonight – hopefully it will help!].

yeah, i’m pretty sure i just need to go to bed.  but, for good measure . . .

3 GOOD things that happened today:
annabel said ‘i love you’ back to me tonight when i laid her down to sleep
dinner — as mentioned above — was awesome
um, i wore a really comfortable maternity dress

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