pregnancy fitness [or something close to it]

December 13, 2013

i can envision what the ideal pregnancy workout schedule would look like.


– 3-4 cardio workouts – runs, perhaps?  some amazing women are even able to go nearly as fast [or as far] as before pregnancy.

– 1-2 yoga sessions.  deep, stretchy prenatal sessions or modified regular ones, to open up hips and prepare the ‘core’ [or what remains of the core . . .] for delivery

– strength training, to maintain muscle mass throughout 40 weeks of packin’ on the pounds.  all in preparation for lifting the 7 lb baby, of course!

here’s what i’ve actually been doing.


– 3-4 run/walk combos.  on weekday treadmill workouts, i do 4 minutes of ‘running’ [5.0 mph] alternating with 2 minutes walking [3.5 mph] for 40 minutes total.  on weekend runs outside i am oddly faster, covering 3-3.5 miles at approximately 11:00/mi pace.  and i refuse to push the Bob while running these days.

[this is where my paces are now, at 30 weeks.  i was faster before and expect to get slower before the 40 weeks are up].

– averaging out to perhaps 0.33 yoga sessions/week

– strength training consisting of picking up this muffin when necessary:

not to be discounted

– that’s it.


i may be my own harshest critic, but i give myself a B this time around for pregnancy fitness.  with annabel — well, there was no annabel, so i had all the time in the mornings to squeeze in other workouts.  i did pregnancy fitness dvds, prenatal yoga, AND running/elliptical, for 5-6 workouts each week.  and i think i was a bit faster — which doesn’t make much sense, because i was ‘fitter’ going into this pregnancy.

ahh well.  i’m actually very at peace with all of this, and even my own lukewarm letter grade.  i still squeeze in runs because i honestly enjoy them [and looooove how i feel afterwards], so it’s worth it to me.  there will be plenty of time for a more balanced and comprehensive approach to fitness at some point*, but for now i honestly am okay with whatever happens from weeks 30-40.


fantasy list of things i’d like to try postpartum:

getting back into yoga for real
training well for a 5K and beating my previous PR [22:53]
barre classes [real or online]
more jillian michaels dvds/at-home strength training workouts
eventually getting back into distance running [yes more marathons!] – but likely not until 2015 or beyond.

* you know, when a. and babyboy are in college.

30 weeks!  10 . . . or 9 . . . or 8 . . . or 11 more!