the holi-daze

December 30, 2013

it’s been a bit of a whirlwind week.

i must admit that at several times recently, i’ve been a bit down/emotional.  mostly just due to feeling overwhelmed with . . . well, life.*  josh and i got to enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving off together, but that means that now it’s our turn to work holidays.  he was on for christmas [and xmas eve], plus the weekend before; i’m on call starting new years’ eve.  it really isn’t so bad, but i keep glancing at facebook**, and it seems like everyone-and-their-mother has been galavanting around fancy free, snapping family photos in cute outfits and drinking from red starbucks cups for the past month.

in contrast, i am just feeling tired and OHHHH so very pregnant [uncomfortably so, really].

i did enjoy a really nice recovery period this weekend — which will be the last weekend in which both josh and i are off together until sometime in february, or perhaps even until BabyBoy is born.  i enjoyed an amazing prenatal massage on saturday and a 2 hour nap this afternoon.  josh and i went to a lovely wedding*** sans annabel, while she slept over at g [our nanny]’s house — so we even got to sleep in.  and after all that, i do feel better and ready for the next 7 [or so] weeks of pre-baby challenges.

i am trying to let go of little things, such as:

❏ thinking about setting up the nursery.  plennnnnnnnty of time for that, right?  like, during maternity leave?

❏ holiday cards.  we typically send out new years’ ones, but this year i’m scrapping in favor of baby announcements in the spring.  these can also be late moving cards — multipurpose!

❏ [gulp] my research project.  yes, from fellowship – i still need to finish my manuscript and get it submitted, and while i feel incredibly far removed from it already, i do not want to let the people i worked with down.  however, i just do not think i can fit this into my list of responsibilities right now, which include:

— annabel
— work
— marriage and family
— rest/take care of self

[plenty of people would argue that #4 is unnecessary and self-indulgent but i am not one of them.]

back tomorrow with another happiness project post – 2014 is approaching!

* this is actually pretty lame and i feel ridiculous even typing it, because i am so LUCKY in many ways and i’ve never had fewer domestic responsibilities.  but it is what it is.

** i know, the answer is to STOP, right?

*** although admittedly i like weddings better when a) i feel human after 9 pm; b) i don’t feel completely ridiculous dancing; and c) i can have some wine.

the usual weekend gallery

annabel all dolled up for the rehearsal dinner

having a BLAST with her cousins
swimming with her poppy
[i cannot believe how long her hair is when it is wet and not in tight corkscrew curls!]

 wedding photo booth
missing from photos: massive babybump which thankfully got cut off

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